Individual Development Plan

Do you want your People grow?
IDP is the best way to do it and we can easily prove it.

How does it work?

It is uncontentious process of collaboration in terms of people development between a Person and Mentor. Interesting that this process helps them both. Person who works on IDP develop the competencies and skills needed for his success through innovative approach of Princeton’s model. Mentor practices his Leadership skills.

Practical tips for you starting work on IDP:

Best AmRest practices

In our company, IDP is directly connected with the promotion process and all the employees, starting from the restaurant managers required to work on the IDP. For the rest of the employees this opportunity is optional.

Every year after the job performance appraisal for the previous period, the supervisor and the employee discuss the strengths and the areas for development and then create / update the IDP.

We see the exclusive advantage of the IDP in the work process and constant improvement that allows you to keep up with the times and apply all the acquired knowledge and skills into practice in the restaurants and departments in the office team. IDP process is the key to the continuous development of the organization and achieving goals through the professionals’ team.

Our experts can help you to know more about IDP and implementation of the process/ tool in your company.

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