Methods of determining the employees’ potential

The internal promotion of employees in the company offers many advantages, starting with the motivation and retention of employees and ending with the savings costs in recruitment, adaptation, etc. In this case, the relevant questions are: How to build this process? Where to find the theoretical base for the choice? What should be included in this process?

Based on the AmRest experience and global practices, a key point of choosing new leaders is the high potential.

It is a mistake to make choices based on previous experience. It is often when an excellent specialist is not a good leader. It is not quite logical to base on the employee's education – theoretical training does not guarantee results in practice on current position.

The employee’s potential will tell what kind of leader he may become.

How could you determine the potential?

In AmRest we identify three main criteria: ambition for growth, open-mindness and result orientation.

Ambition for Growth. It is important that the employee understands what is behind his promotion. Not just talking about what he wants, but also being ready to take additional actions and to sacrifices (personal time, mobility, etc.)

Why is it important?

Each step on a new level of organization entails changes in the functionality, changes in the approach to work and people, changes in thinking. The additional efforts for adaptation and learning are required from the employee. Therefore, there is a difference between «I want to be a leader» and «I am fully ready».

The second criteria is Open-mindness. We are constantly changing and developing world. Hence, there is a need to change ourselves that is contrary to the evolutionary human nature. However, employees with a high potential understand the importance of change, they are open to new things, learn on the fly and always ask themselves the questions: How can I do things differently? What will I do in the new way next time? If it does not work, how will it work?

Result orientation is the third criteria of the high potential. It implies the constant desire to achieve goals and delivering results to the company. Such employees are constantly looking for new opportunities, willing to go the extra mile for achievements, demonstrate passion and discipline, avoiding all the obstacles.

AmRest practice shows that these three criteria of the high potential combined with effective process of internal promotion help the new leaders with the first steps to show good results.

During the interview, we are focused on the identification of specific behavioral characteristics that display these criteria.
Our experts will help you to know more about the high potential criteria and to enjoy the internal promotion process implemented with our support.

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