Assessment center

What is the Assessment Center?


Assessment Center is the best option for definition the effective way to develop a Team, retain and engage HiPots who drive the Company. It allows:

How does Assessment Center works? What is our role?

  • 1. We support in a first main step – to define Key competencies which your company need to deliver results.
  • 2. We determine the high-potential criteria for the candidates and competency model for the position. We prepare all the tools for assessment and provide all the materials;
  • 3. We train observers among the leaders from your company with detailed description of process and tools, so you will get new knowledge as well;
  • 4. We conduct the briefings with the candidates about the assessment center process;
  • 5. We provide Assessment Center;
  • 6. The advantage of Assessment Center is that your Leaders of your company and you make a choice after summing up the results;
  • 7. We provide specific feedback to every candidate in order to create IDP (individual development plan) and speed up next steps of Development;
  • 8. We organize the following support process with the candidates after the Assessment Center.

Before you make a decision

that you need Assessment Center we would like to share with you some practical tips for it:


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