Coaching is partnering with clients in a creative and challenging process that inspires them to maximize their professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. We believe that everyone has the ability to effect positive change and growth and inspire himself and others to significant transformation.

Your goals

Worldwide coaching is a popular and effective way to meet the goals when you need:

  • to create a vision and set priorities;
  • to design / implement a project, to implement the vision into reality;
  • to find new solutions that are best for You;
  • to look at the situation from the other side, to see the bigger picture;
  • to attract inside resources for the achievements, to see the potential, to be challenged, etc.

The feature of coaching is to be a conversation that is free from estimates, advice, bias and prepared answers.
Coaching reveals your inner resources, pushes to the goals achievement and helps to find your own way.
The effect is achieved using open questions and special techniques. Most often, it is a long-term cooperation, where the client can track the result.


Using Coaching you open new opportunities:

  • to connect with your personal values and beliefs with environment to understand what is really important;
  • to see how personal values could be reflected in the business achievements;
  • to support your development and self-confidence to move beyond personal limits;
  • to find inspiration and calling for new challenges.

Coaching is built on trust and freedom, allowing you to explore in a safe space and to find your own best way for future.


  • galina-filon

    Galina Filon

    ABS Director, HR Director in AmRest
  • alena-golohvastova

    Alyona Golokhvastova

    ABS Partner, Head of employer-brand promotion department in AmRest
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